Living Well

Guard Against This Stressful Retirement Decision

Itchy rashes, depression, pounding headaches, stomach ulcers… older women in Japan are developing these and other stress-related medical issues by the score.

It’s called “retired husband syndrome.”

Convenience Is Killing You

We’re getting lazy, America.

A new report released by Stanford University found that America is now one of the laziest countries in the world. That’s because we have such a low average for steps taken per day.

What to Do After the Funeral

Doc’s note: We’re featuring another essay from my researcher, Amanda Cuocci. This month, she’s sharing insight into all the work it takes to handle someone’s affairs after their death.


Your Parents Are in Danger

America is in the middle of another epidemic.

You’ve likely seen headlines about the opioid crisis. Overdose deaths hit new highs and police now carry the antidote drug naloxone with them.

Turn on Your Brain’s ‘Trash Disposal’ to Slow Alzheimer’s

An Alzheimer’s diagnosis is a horrible fate with no known cure.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that eats away at memory and eventually other mental functions. In later stages, people lose the ability to speak, dress themselves, and even swallow.

The Key to Weight Loss Isn’t in a Pill

“Could you shed some light on weight-loss claims?”

That’s the e-mail we got last week from reader C.W.

Do You Have This Gut Problem? Doc Eifrig Puts the Odds at 50/50

Once you turn 50, your odds of having this dangerous medical condition are better than a coin flip…

That’s right, more than half of older folks have it. And most don’t even know it. By the time you’re 80, you’re up to a 70% chance.

To Increase Your Sex Drive, Just Stop Doing This…

Communication, compromise, mutual respect… all building blocks of a healthy relationship.

But what about sex?

Could Your Watch Save Your Life?

This might be Apple’s most life-changing invention yet…

Earlier this month, folks from app-developer Cardiogram and researchers from the University of California San Francisco joined forces to develop a new algorithm. The idea was to come up with a way to track a person’s heart rate data so precisely, it could diagnose a condition called atrial fibrillation, or “AFib.”

An Unconventional Way to Lower Your Stress

Doc’s note: This week is National Pet Week. So today I want to share a personal story from Retirement Millionaire Daily researcher and writer Amanda Cuocci. Amanda has an interesting and touching story about her own pet experiences and how having a pet has improved her health.