Are You Wasting Your Time Trying to Call the Top?

U.S. stocks are booming. They’ve been outperforming all other markets.

They’re also getting expensive…

This Overlooked Asset Class Is About to Boom

One of our deepest survival instincts puts our finances at risk…

We’re hardwired to follow the herd when fear strikes. Stress and anxiety set off chemical reactions in your brain (specifically in the walnut-shaped tissue called the amygdala) that spark an instinctive need to rejoin the crowd… When primitive man faced predators in the wild, this “safety in numbers” impulse could have saved his life.

Why You Should Ignore the Fed Rate-Hike Hoopla

Next week, you can safely ignore the Federal Reserve headlines…

The Fed’s decision to raise… or maintain… its interest rate at its March 14-15 meeting should have virtually no effect on your life or your investments.

Why the S&P 500 Could Surge Higher This Year

By Richard Smith, founder, TradeStops

A new chart unexpectedly grabbed my attention recently… one that could have huge implications for the future of the U.S. stock market.

How ‘Going Small’ Can Add Huge Returns to Your Retirement

The education of new investors often follows a similar path…

New investors get interested in the stock market. They think it’s just a matter of time before they find some small, unheard-of company that will grow 100 times over, making them rich.

Walking, Ketones, and Making Big Gains Without Leverage

“Thanks for inspiring me to walk again. I hope to walk every day!” – M.A.

Many of you e-mailed us over the past week to participate in our first ever Walking Challenge.

Here’s How to Save Your Own Skin

Checklists save thousands of lives…

In 2001, an intensive care doctor named Peter Pronovost examined intravenous-line infections in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Johns Hopkins.

A New Challenge for Our Readers

Have you quit on yourself?

It’s that time of year when most folks give up on their New Year’s resolutions. According to a survey from the University of Scranton, after one month, 46% of people have already quit working on their resolutions.

How to Prepare for Any Sort of Market

You can find good reasons to scuttle your equities in every morning paper and on every broadcast of the nightly news.”

So said legendary investor Peter Lynch, who managed the best-performing mutual fund in the world.

Start Here to Find the Best Cancer Treatment

Each year, more than $125 billion is spent on cancer care in the U.S.

And I’d wager that nearly everyone reading this letter has at some point watched a spouse, family member, or a close friend struggle with the disease.