If You Don’t Own This Sector, Your Portfolio May Be Riskier Than You Think

Your portfolio isn’t as safe as you think it is…

Earlier this month we talked about “sector diversification.” Every portfolio should have holdings spread across a few sectors. It’s a simple way to protect against any one sector’s downturn.

When Stocks ‘Just Can’t Go Higher’

The video-streaming company Netflix (NFLX) has been on a tear. Its stock has risen 210% in the last four years. It trades for 70 times earnings.

The company sports that lofty valuation despite facing competition from other services – including Internet giant Amazon’s streaming service. It spends a half billion dollars a year on advertising.

The World’s ‘Sanest’ Dictator

Last Thursday, North Korea fired a missile over Japan. Three days later, its leaders claimed it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.

The media went into full-panic mode with headlines like:

Stop Worrying About the Market Thanks to the ‘Eifrig Hedge’

Everyone’s talking about volatility.

Implied volatility, as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index (“VIX”), is at historic and persistent lows…

My Favorite Investment Idea for 2017 Isn’t Oil or Gold

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from my friend Matt Badiali. Matt is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist.

Matt is a geologist and natural resource investment specialist… And he’s always traveling the world looking for ways to safely invest in resources like gold, timber, and oil. Today, he details his favorite resource investment this year.

What the New ‘Fear Index’ Says About the State of the World

Often referred to as the “fear index,” the CBOE Volatility Index (the “VIX”) measures how much investors are willing to pay for wealth protection.

It’s a little like looking at how much people are paying for flood insurance in a city and using that to deduce how often floods hit the area.

The Terrifying Truth Behind the U.S. Military

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, isn’t much of a state anymore.

The Iraqi military have retaken the city of Mosul. Kurdish forces are pushing into Raqqa, Syria… both with help and direction of the U.S. military.

This Economic Indicator Says the ‘Melt Up’ Will Continue

Doc’s note: Investors are waiting for the bull market to end. But as I’ve told readers, my indicators show we’re not about to head into a bear market.

Recently, my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud explained that stocks are actually in the middle of a “Melt Up” and this could lead investors to enormous gains.

Get Paid Tax-Free Yields as 97% of Puerto Rican ‘Yes’ Voters Likely Lose

This week, 97% of Puerto Rican referendum voters ticked “yes” for statehood…

The vote is nonbinding… the same sort that was last held in 2012, 1998, 1993, 1991, and 1967. And although a huge majority voted yes, only 23% of the island showed up – far below the usual 80% turnout.

No One Expects the Next Move for Oil

The Middle East oil boom – 100 years in the making – has collapsed.

The reason is simple: the incredible boom in U.S. shale production. But the “worst case” for oil prices may be overstated.