Beating Your Broker’s Commissions

Fees are one of the greatest enemies to your investments.

High fees will erode your earnings… take a little bit of your money at a time… and add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

Get Paid to Recycle This Spring

It’s already feeling like spring here in Baltimore.

And some people in the office have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by getting a head start on their spring cleaning.

How This Ratio Can Dramatically Increase Your Income Every Year

Most people who call themselves “investors” really aren’t.

The average “investor” is really a trader. He buys a stock with the hope that at some point in the future, he’ll find someone who’ll buy it for more than he paid. He’s trying to time the market. “Buy low and sell high,” right?

Four Easy Ways to Relieve Your Aching Back

Back pain is dangerously overtreated“… we wrote last July in our issue, “Is Your Back Aching?”

We pointed out the problem of using medication to overtreat folks with lower-back pain… instead of finding relief through simple stretching, massage, and exercise.

How to Find the Next Winning Stock, No Shortcuts Here

When I recommend a stock in Retirement Millionaire, I focus on income and whether the company has a long history of growing revenues…

Stocks like Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B), up 192% since we added it to our model portfolio, Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), up 123%, and Microsoft (MSFT), up 165%…

How to Triple Your Chances of Making 10x Gains

I hope you listened in last night…

Porter detailed an unusual pattern his team found while investigating the 100 top-performing stocks of the last 20 years…

How ‘Going Small’ Can Add Huge Returns to Your Retirement

The education of new investors often follows a similar path…

New investors get interested in the stock market. They think it’s just a matter of time before they find some small, unheard-of company that will grow 100 times over, making them rich.

Your Family Is Making You Sick

Just a few weeks ago, a new report in Nature Genetics found a connection between more than 100 genes and high blood pressure.

Other factors, like stress and inflammation, contribute as well. And now, if you’re one of the 75 million Americans with high blood pressure, your parents could share some of the blame.

Are You Serious About Investing? Then Read This

Doc’s note: If you could invest like anyone in the world, who would you choose? I know many people would immediately think of Warren Buffett, the investment legend.

Today, I’m sharing an essay that can help you narrow down your list. My colleague and Extreme Value analyst Mike Barrett explains the four tenets of buying stocks the Buffett way.

Walking, Ketones, and Making Big Gains Without Leverage

“Thanks for inspiring me to walk again. I hope to walk every day!” – M.A.

Many of you e-mailed us over the past week to participate in our first ever Walking Challenge.