Spending Wisely

This 1996 Law Will Increase Both Your Wealth and the Smarts of Your Family

This is one of the easiest ways to shelter assets for your children or grandchildren… and save a bundle on taxes while doing so.

This varies from state to state, but it – generally – allows you to…

How to Save Money Even After You’re Dead

Nobody wants to talk about death…

Most folks would rather just ignore it, and pretend that it’s not going to happen to them.

Stop Overpaying for These Three Things

A cardinal rule for preserving wealth is never overpay for anything.

The more money you keep, the more you can save for your retirement.

If You Live in These Areas, Your Doctor Could Be Ripping You Off

Where you live can nearly double how much you’re spending on medical care, as well as how much care your doctor orders.

A patient in Miami, Florida costs Medicare about $13,524 a year… while one in Honolulu, Hawaii costs around $6,900, according to the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care.

How to Buy a $2,000 Fruit Basket

Did you get a nice Christmas basket of fruit, nuts, or other goodies last year from your financial advisor?

The bigger the basket, the more likely it is you’re paying your advisor far too much

The Only Place Worth Going on Black Friday

Once a year, millions of Americans “practice” for a currency crisis…

It’s like what folks in Argentina experienced during the last currency crisis. And what Greek citizens had to do this summer.

They wake at 4 a.m… stand in line for hours… shuffle past security goons at the door… and hope that no one tries to “rush in” at the last minute…

But instead of trying to stock up on pesos or euros, Americans are waiting for the opportunity to save a few bucks on a big-screen TV on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

For years, you could save hundreds of dollars by standing in line. The tradeoff of time-to-value was worth it.

Thankfully, there’s no point anymore. Now, there’s only one place worth going on Black Friday…


Last year was the first time that I did all my Black Friday shopping on the Internet, mostly on Amazon (the world’s largest retailer). The deals at your local brick-and-mortar store are simply not good enough to justify losing sleep and spending hours waiting in line.

More stores now offer online-only deals starting on Black Friday. And even better is the Monday after Thanksgiving – Cyber Monday. That’s the day Internet retailers designate for their biggest deals.

Amazon even announced it’s starting a “countdown” week of sales from Friday, November 20 through Black Friday. And it’s not the only one starting early. Several websites – like www.theblackfriday.com and www.blackfriday.com – track the best deals.

But cyber-deal enthusiasts beware: You need to stay safe when you shop online…

Our Favorite Credit Cards

I am a fan of credit cards – particularly with all of the rewards you can get. We’ve put together a list of cards we recommend based on personal use, research, and reader endorsements. Have a card you love? Send it in to us at [email protected].

Stop Overpaying Your Credit Card Company

For millions of Americans, Christmas will go on long past midnight on December 25… with potentially crippling consequences.

According to the Gallup polling company, the average American plans to spend $812 on Christmas gifts this year. If they put it all on their credit cards… they’ll have to add about $68 a month to their regular payments to pay it off in a year.

Seven Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

What if I told you that you could save $21,000 on your mortgage – and pay it off four years sooner – without spending an extra dime?

Before we dive into our list of ways to pay off your mortgage early and save on interest, let’s set up an example.

How to Save on Satellite

One of our faithful Retirement Millionaire readers pointed out to us that cord-cutting only works if you have reliable Internet. If you live in an area without a high-quality Internet stream, you will need to consider other options.

Satellite providers account for about 41% of the cable market. Big players like DISH and DirecTV often offer cheaper plans than “corded” providers. That includes discounted bundles for television and Internet.