Living Well

How the Masters Pays for My House

This weekend marks one of my favorite times of the year… the Masters Tournament.

Every year, visitors flock to Augusta, Georgia for the tournament. I own a home right by the course where they hold the Masters, probably the most coveted championship in golf.

One Natural Therapy Relieves Pain From Cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s

For autism, Alzheimer’s, mood disorders, pain, cancer, Parkinson’s… there’s one type of therapy that brings relief to all these disparate diseases and disorders…

I love music.

How I Lived My Dream… and How You Can, Too

“People tell me that I’m so lucky,” my friend Alistair from Ireland explained one night, over dinner with our families. “But it’s not true. I fully believe that you make your own luck.”

“My dad says that too, all the time,” my teenage son replied. “My dad says you’ve got to put yourself in luck’s way, over and over again. And then eventually luck may run you over.”

If You’re Between 52 and 72, This Test Could Save Your Life

Four years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a warning…

Anyone born between 1945 and 1965 needed to test their blood for hepatitis C. But a new report published last week revealed that only 13.8% of folks have done so.

Four Ways to Protect the Unsung Heroes of Your Body

Have you acted yet to protect yourself against this silent killer?

It turns out that those heartburn pills we warned you about in January not only destroy your stomach… they also go after your kidneys.

Preparing for the Hardest Job You’ll Ever Have

Before I (Amanda) started writing for Retirement Millionaire Daily, the best job I ever had was at a nursing home…

I spent a whole summer working in the activities department for a non-profit nursing and assisted-living home. I called rounds of Bingo… played “Name That Tune”… and assisted with art classes.

Are You Keeping Track of Your History?

One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is your medical record…

For example, take my research analyst, Amanda. Her mother never knew her birth parents, so she’s gone through life with no knowledge of her family’s medical history.

Get Paid to Recycle This Spring

It’s already feeling like spring here in Baltimore.

And some people in the office have been taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by getting a head start on their spring cleaning.

Four Easy Ways to Relieve Your Aching Back

Back pain is dangerously overtreated“… we wrote last July in our issue, “Is Your Back Aching?”

We pointed out the problem of using medication to overtreat folks with lower-back pain… instead of finding relief through simple stretching, massage, and exercise.

Your Family Is Making You Sick

Just a few weeks ago, a new report in Nature Genetics found a connection between more than 100 genes and high blood pressure.

Other factors, like stress and inflammation, contribute as well. And now, if you’re one of the 75 million Americans with high blood pressure, your parents could share some of the blame.