Living Well

Read This Before Treating Your Runny Nose This Fall…

Each year, 50 million Americans suffer seasonal allergies…

And nearly all of us have to fight off a few colds a year.

The Killer in Your Bedroom

Your bedroom isn’t as safe as you think.

If you have a television… a cellphone… a nightlight… or even a digital alarm clock anywhere near your bed… you may be destroying your sleep and wrecking your overall health.

Do This One Exercise to Avoid a Common Killer

Would you believe that a common household accident kills more than 27,000 each year? What if I told you that if you’re 65 or older, you have a one in four chance of falling victim?

I’m talking about falls. Falling is the leading cause of death for folks over 65. And the number of folks who fall increases every year.

Five Tips for Your Next Minor Home Disaster

Doc’s note: Today we’re featuring another issue from my researcher, Amanda Cuocci. This time, she’s sharing a story about a minor home disaster and how you can prepare for the worst.


Four Pill-Free Ways to Beat Heartburn

It’s an uncomfortable feeling… You get a burning sensation right behind your breastbone. It hurts to bend over. You’re coughing, your stomach feels off, and you can’t sleep.

You’ve got severe heartburn.

Try These Six Ways to Soothe Your Eyes and Save Your Vision

You’re wasting your time and hurting your eyes…

The average American works about 38.6 hours each week.

This Nighttime Habit Is Destroying Your Memory

Doc’s note: Today, we’re continuing our “best of” essays… We’ll tell you what’s hurting your sleep this time of year and how to fix it.


Three Things You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Harvey is barreling towards Texas and expected to make landfall tomorrow.

As Texans scramble to prepare for the storm – the first hurricane to hit Texas since 2008 – it’s far better to always be prepared.

If You’ve Got Achy Joints… Stop Eating These Foods

Even Neanderthals had achy knees.

A study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) looked at more than 2,000 skeletons, dating all the way back to our earliest ancestors through modern day folks.

Three Rules for Protecting Yourself From Phone Scams

Good morning! I’m calling from the National Institutes of Health. You’ve been selected to receive a grant for $14,000.

Sound familiar? It’s a new scam hitting folks over the phone.