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Four Easy Ways to Relieve Your Aching Back

Back pain is dangerously overtreated“… we wrote last July in our issue, “Is Your Back Aching?”

We pointed out the problem of using medication to overtreat folks with lower-back pain… instead of finding relief through simple stretching, massage, and exercise.

Your Family Is Making You Sick

Just a few weeks ago, a new report in Nature Genetics found a connection between more than 100 genes and high blood pressure.

Other factors, like stress and inflammation, contribute as well. And now, if you’re one of the 75 million Americans with high blood pressure, your parents could share some of the blame.

Just Say No at the Cash Register

You shuffle forward, eyeing the line beside you (which always seems to be moving faster)…

Then you load your groceries onto the belt – hopefully lots of vegetables, olive oil, and blueberries – and wait for the inevitable series of questions:

Your Driver’s License From These Eight States May Not Let You Fly

Air travel is about to get a lot harder if you live in certain states…

Starting in January 2018, you won’t be able to use your driver’s license as a photo ID when flying if you live in one of these eight states:

Your Kids Need a Lawyer and a Plan

Doc’s note: Here at Retirement Millionaire Daily, we typically write to an audience on the brink of (or already enjoying) retirement.

But it’s not just older folks that need a plan in case of a worst-case scenario…

When Not to Trust Your Scale

No matter what you go in for, the nurse asks you to kick off your shoes and hop up on a cold, rickety balance-beam scale…

Many folks dread the ritual. And if you haven’t visited your doctor recently, you’re likely to in the coming weeks. That’s because cold and flu season (December through early February) is the busiest time of the year for docs.

Why You Shouldn’t Toss (All) Your Pills

Last year, just before Thanksgiving, the Retirement Millionaire Daily office moved to a new building.

I charged my assistants with packing my office. But what they found in my desk led to a great discussion…

These Drugs Are Destroying Your Digestive System

At 57, Maria thought she was having a heart attack.

Pain radiated through her chest. It was bad enough to wake her up from a dead sleep. She described it as a knife piercing clear through her upper abdomen.

This Nighttime Habit Is Destroying Your Memory

You climb into bed, but you can’t sleep.

Maybe your brain’s racing, you can’t relax, and you stare at the clock. It’s already an hour past when you should be asleep. You’ve got a big day ahead and need to get enough sleep.

Three Ways to Supercharge Your Love Life

If you want to improve your love life, copy rodents.

Not just any rodent, but specifically a small relative of the common mouse called a prairie vole. You see, prairie voles are one of roughly 3% of mammals that are monogamous.