Living Well

The Key to Weight Loss Isn’t in a Pill

“Could you shed some light on weight-loss claims?”

That’s the e-mail we got last week from reader C.W.

Do You Have This Gut Problem? Doc Eifrig Puts the Odds at 50/50

Once you turn 50, your odds of having this dangerous medical condition are better than a coin flip…

That’s right, more than half of older folks have it. And most don’t even know it. By the time you’re 80, you’re up to a 70% chance.

To Increase Your Sex Drive, Just Stop Doing This…

Communication, compromise, mutual respect… all building blocks of a healthy relationship.

But what about sex?

Could Your Watch Save Your Life?

This might be Apple’s most life-changing invention yet…

Earlier this month, folks from app-developer Cardiogram and researchers from the University of California San Francisco joined forces to develop a new algorithm. The idea was to come up with a way to track a person’s heart rate data so precisely, it could diagnose a condition called atrial fibrillation, or “AFib.”

An Unconventional Way to Lower Your Stress

Doc’s note: This week is National Pet Week. So today I want to share a personal story from Retirement Millionaire Daily researcher and writer Amanda Cuocci. Amanda has an interesting and touching story about her own pet experiences and how having a pet has improved her health.


Don’t Let This Common Illness Ruin Your Retirement

You’ve saved, planned, and waited for this day your whole life. You’re officially retired.

Gold watch in hand, you’re ready to relax with your grandkids, travel the world, or try out new activities…

Hidden Government Report Details 95% of America May Be at Risk

In March 2017, California’s Department of Public Health lost a major court case…

Dr. Joel Moskowitz, director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California-Berkeley, sued the department for withholding information that could be vital to the health of billions of people around the world.

How to Prevent These Excruciating Pains

You wake at 2 a.m. and stumble to the bathroom. It’s your third trip that night…

You feel a sharp pain in your back. And as you urinate, the agony becomes unbearable. You break into a heavy sweat and nearly double over.

Four Ways to Combat This Common Pain

Getting older can be a real pain… especially in the knees.

About 20% of U.S. adults have chronic knee pain, according to the American Academy of Pain Medicine. About 25% of women and 17% of men over 70 report having knee pain.

Don’t Waste This Retirement Opportunity

America needs to get serious about planning for retirement.

A survey released last December showed that more than 40% of Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) have less than $100,000 in retirement savings. That means those right at the retirement window won’t be able to maintain the lifestyle they want once they retire.