Seven Proper Precautions to Take Before Planting

My first garden was a failure.

When I was a teenager, I planted a small vegetable garden in my family’s back yard. It was in a nice area by the porch with just the right amount of sun in the southern exposure.

Did You ‘Chicken out’ After Dow 20,000?

Doc’s note: I loved this article my colleague Steve Sjuggerud wrote when the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 20,000 for the first time ever…

If you followed his advice to “not chicken out” in January, you’ve seen the Dow surge another 1,000 points. And Steve expects far BIGGER gains ahead…

Why Muni Bonds Will Still Win out After the Trump Tax Plan

Municipal bonds have been surging since their December lows…

We’re not yet at a “Yield Rich” buy signal in our Income Intelligence Income Trigger updates… mostly because the yield on U.S. Treasury securities has also been rising, and we use that to compare with what we can get in municipal bonds… But we’re getting closer.

Growth in China: You Have to See It to Believe It

By Steve Sjuggerud

I wouldn’t have believed it was humanly possible if I hadn’t seen the growth in China with my own eyes…

‘Partner With Wall Street’ to Sidestep This Market Warning Sign

This “warning sign” just hit another record…

About $530 billion of credit was extended by brokerages to investors in February.

Don’t Let Procrastination Ruin Your Finances This Month

People love to procrastinate. It’s human nature.

And it’s never more apparent than this time of year… tax season.

Are You Wasting Your Time Trying to Call the Top?

U.S. stocks are booming. They’ve been outperforming all other markets.

They’re also getting expensive…

This Overlooked Asset Class Is About to Boom

One of our deepest survival instincts puts our finances at risk…

We’re hardwired to follow the herd when fear strikes. Stress and anxiety set off chemical reactions in your brain (specifically in the walnut-shaped tissue called the amygdala) that spark an instinctive need to rejoin the crowd… When primitive man faced predators in the wild, this “safety in numbers” impulse could have saved his life.

Why You Should Ignore the Fed Rate-Hike Hoopla

Next week, you can safely ignore the Federal Reserve headlines…

The Fed’s decision to raise… or maintain… its interest rate at its March 14-15 meeting should have virtually no effect on your life or your investments.

Why the S&P 500 Could Surge Higher This Year

By Richard Smith, founder, TradeStops

A new chart unexpectedly grabbed my attention recently… one that could have huge implications for the future of the U.S. stock market.