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Should You Own Bitcoin or Gold? That’s Easy…

Doc’s note: If you’ve invested in Asia in the last few decades, you’ve likely heard of Peter Churchouse. Peter has lived in Asia for four decades. He was even the chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s Real Estate and Infrastructure Committee.

He’s about as connected as it gets when it comes to Asia. Recently, my publisher Stansberry Research started a joint venture with Peter called Stansberry Churchouse Research. Today, we’re sharing an essay from their group. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should own gold or bitcoin, read on…

Eat, Drink, and Smoke Your Way to Wealth

Doc’s note: In today’s issue, we’re featuring an essay from my colleague and Extreme Value analyst Mike Barrett where he explains how everything you need to know about investing can be summed up in one sentence.


My Favorite Way to Earn ‘Income From Nowhere’

I know what it’s like to sit and watch your stocks…

On occasion, you feel good as the market rises. At other times, it’s moments of pure terror.

To Survive a Market Mania, Prepare, Don’t Predict

Doc’s Note: In Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, it was the Hare’s overconfidence that lost him the race…

In today’s markets, people are confident – albeit a bit jumpy. They’re buying and selling entire sectors when just one stock reports average earnings…

The Biggest Lie: ‘It Takes Money to Make Money’

Doc’s note: One of the most common reasons people give to explain why they don’t invest is that they can’t afford it. But in today’s issue my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud debunks one of the biggest myths about making money… that you need money to make money.


The Oil ‘Free Fall’ Is Coming to an End

Doc’s note: Oil is a cyclical industry. When oil supplies are low, prices are high. When supplies are high, prices are low.

For the past several years, we’ve seen weak oil prices. But an oil move is coming that no one expects… according to new Stansberry Research analyst Flavious Smith.

The Key to Finding What Any Business Is Worth Today

Doc’s note: There are lots of ways to find out a company’s value. You can get into complicated mathematics and bury yourself in financial statements. But the average investor doesn’t have the time to do that… And you don’t need to.

In today’s essay, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris explains the best way to figure out what a business is really worth.

Everyday Investors Are Being Left out in the Cold

For 200 years, savers and investors had all the power…

Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, everyday folks began investing in businesses for the first time.

The Easiest Way I Know to Protect Yourself When the Bear Comes

Dr. Sue isn’t stupid…

She’s a rare – almost unheard of – triple-boarded physician. And she trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

The No. 1 Question Most Investors Forget to Ask

When my friend Seth asked me to invest in his new wine store, the decision was easy…

He’d already answered the most important question you must ask before making an investment…