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‘Stop Trying to Sell Us’

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing the final essay in our best of Retirement Millionaire Daily week. This is our most popular Q&A essay of the year, where we discuss a common complaint from our readers.

We haven’t gotten many complaints in our inbox lately, but there is one we keep seeing… Folks want us to “stop selling” in our Retirement Millionaire Daily.

I’m no stranger to hating sales pitches. 

When I bought my current car, I faxed my offer to the dealership. They either took my offer or not. But it worked. I didn’t have to deal with a salesperson trying to sell me more than I needed. And I didn’t have to haggle over a price.

But I have to chuckle a little bit when these complaints come in… We launched Retirement Millionaire Daily as a free daily letter… with a whole team of folks working hard to research the best ways to improve your health and wealth.

If it stopped bringing in revenue, it wouldn’t be long before we’d have to shut it down. To put it another way: If it weren’t for our advertising, there wouldn’t be any Retirement Millionaire Daily.

But here’s my promise: You won’t ever find me selling something that I can’t get behind.

For example, the 2017 Stansberry Conference is something that I’m personally involved in. From September 27 to 28, we have a lineup of guest speakers that includes Stansberry Research analysts – including myself – several New York Times bestselling authors, a Tony Award winning producer, the son of a former president, and much more.

Seats for the conference just sold out. But you can stream the whole thing online instead. Click here to learn more.

If you’re not interested, no problem. Please continue enjoying the essays we publish each day for free. Forward them to a friend… share them on Facebook. And if you get tired of being “sold to,” we include a link at the bottom of each letter to unsubscribe.

Send your criticisms and complaints our way at [email protected]. We read them all.

How to Prepare Your Spouse for the Worst-Case Scenario

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing another one of our most popular essays from 2017. No one likes to think about the death of a loved one, but you need to be prepared for the worst if your spouse dies. Here’s how…

We talk a lot about preparation here at Retirement Millionaire Daily

Secure Your Retirement Now With Digital Utilities

Doc’s note: In today’s essay, part of our best of Retirement Millionaire Daily series week, we’re talking about one of the easiest ways to generate safe, steady retirement income.

Imagine walking the streets of New York City in the early 1900s.

If you looked up, you could barely see the skyline. But not because of tall buildings – the world’s tallest was the Metropolitan Life Tower at only 50 stories tall. The reason: Tens of thousands of electrical wires lined the streets.

In the early days of electricity, small, unregulated power generators competed with each other for customers. Confusion reigned as demand grew for lighting and other luxuries that electricity promised. In New York alone, the market churned constantly as hundreds of startup providers with redundant networks came and went. Consumers couldn’t be sure who would provide the power from month to month or at what price. Decades later, monopolies (regulated by the government) provide power to the majority of end-users.

A similar process has happened in the digital age. Little more than a decade ago, Internet users could choose from among 10 different search engines to surf the web. Today, just a couple compete for that role. Fifteen years ago, consumers could work from multiple (and incompatible) word processing packages.

Today, you can find only a couple (and arguably only one). Consolidations and mergers have led to a handful of “Digital Utilities.” Each company is a dominant player in its sector…

Traditional utilities have been a cornerstone of retirement investing. They are considered safe-to-buy businesses that supply electricity and natural gas to every household. And utilities throw off cash dividends that can supplement a retiree’s income. I’ve owned a few utilities in my investment career, each of which supplemented my cash flows well.

But today we’re looking at a new type of utility business – Digital Utilities.

This Nighttime Habit Is Destroying Your Memory

Doc’s note: Today, we’re continuing our “best of” essays… We’ll tell you what’s hurting your sleep this time of year and how to fix it.


The Single Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Learned About Finance

Doc’s note: This week in Retirement Millionaire Daily, I’m sharing some of our most popular essays of 2017.

Today, I’m sharing an essay from my good friend and Stansberry Research founder Porter Stansberry. Porter discusses the importance of risk-adjusted position sizing and explains the easiest way to apply it today. This essay was originally published in 2015, but it’s important to protect your portfolio all the time… even when we’re in a bull market.

The Chance to Double Your Money in 12 Months

Everything seems to go right for this guy.

Toward the end of 2008, he borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars against his house and invested it all in the stock market.

Three Things You Need to Survive a Natural Disaster

Hurricane Harvey is barreling towards Texas and expected to make landfall tomorrow.

As Texans scramble to prepare for the storm – the first hurricane to hit Texas since 2008 – it’s far better to always be prepared.

Where to Put Your Money for the Market ‘Melt Up’

We’ve told you for years to “ignore the Fed.”

Even Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, describes his old job as “98% talk and 2% action.”

If You’ve Got Achy Joints… Stop Eating These Foods

Even Neanderthals had achy knees.

A study just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) looked at more than 2,000 skeletons, dating all the way back to our earliest ancestors through modern day folks.