Bring on the Hate Mail

Today, we again address one of our most divisive topics… the dangers of heartburn drugs.

Every time we talk about heartburn medication, we get a flood of messages from readers.

Fight Two Diseases With One Shot This Season

This is the year I might finally get a flu shot.

My longtime readers might be shocked to hear me say this. For years, I’ve argued that flu shots were unsafe and unnecessary. I never got one because I was always in great health and I have a robust immune system.

If You Don’t Own This Sector, Your Portfolio May Be Riskier Than You Think

Your portfolio isn’t as safe as you think it is…

Earlier this month we talked about “sector diversification.” Every portfolio should have holdings spread across a few sectors. It’s a simple way to protect against any one sector’s downturn.

Try This ‘4-7-8 Method’ for Your Stress Before It Kills You

Americans are more stressed out than ever.

The American Psychological Association has released a “Stress in America” report for the past decade. The latest report shows that in 2016, we had a jump in overall stress levels… the first such movement in 10 years.

Did You Get Your Free $79?

I tried to help you make a free $79 last month…

I opened the books on my Retirement Trader service… offered a “crash course” in options trading… and then published a free trade that anyone could make – no matter how hesitant you were about options.

Without Your Health, Wealth Is Nothing

A couple weeks ago, we asked if you wanted us to continue writing about health topics or stick to finance.

The response was overwhelming… within hours we received hundreds of e-mails from subscribers asking us to continue sharing our research on health topics.

A Quick Step to Boost Brain Health

I’m a bit of a dancing fool…

My passion started in childhood. Winters in Minnesota left me with little to do, so I chose to spend my time learning to dance. That was, after all, what all the pretty girls were doing, too.

When Stocks ‘Just Can’t Go Higher’

The video-streaming company Netflix (NFLX) has been on a tear. Its stock has risen 210% in the last four years. It trades for 70 times earnings.

The company sports that lofty valuation despite facing competition from other services – including Internet giant Amazon’s streaming service. It spends a half billion dollars a year on advertising.

Don’t Fall Victim to ‘Silver Bullets’

I’m sick of seeing headlines claiming to have a “silver bullet” for diabetes.

The truth is that folks don’t want to do the work to lose weight, eat a proper diet, exercise, and take care of themselves. They want a quick pill to magically lower their blood sugar.

Don’t Let These Three Reasons Stop You From Buying Bitcoin

Doc’s note: Bitcoin is one of the biggest investment stories right now. But there are a lot of misconceptions about this cryptocurrency.

That’s why I’m sharing this essay from bitcoin expert and editor of Crypto Capital, Tama Churchouse, where he answers three common questions about the risks of buying bitcoin.