How to ‘Cut the Bond-Market Noise’ – No Fed Worry Necessary

Next week, you can safely ignore the Federal Reserve headlines…

The Fed’s decision on interest rates at its June 13-14 meeting should have virtually no effect on your life or your investments.

How to Choose Wine Like a Snob

I’m no ordinary wine snob…

True, I love wine.

The Key to Finding What Any Business Is Worth Today

Doc’s note: There are lots of ways to find out a company’s value. You can get into complicated mathematics and bury yourself in financial statements. But the average investor doesn’t have the time to do that… And you don’t need to.

In today’s essay, Extreme Value editor Dan Ferris explains the best way to figure out what a business is really worth.

Try the Easiest Way to Limit Inevitable Losses… And Make Bigger Gains

No trading system in the world can guarantee 100% winners…

(If anyone promises you that they can, run!)

What, There’s Alcohol in My Diet Soda?

It’s too good to be true.

Last fall, we told you about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)ordering new food labels to appear on pre-packaged foods. The big deal about that is manufacturers must now include “added sugars” to the labels so folks can see exactly how much of the sweet stuff is naturally occurring and how much is added.

Everyday Investors Are Being Left out in the Cold

For 200 years, savers and investors had all the power…

Around the time of the Industrial Revolution, everyday folks began investing in businesses for the first time.

To Increase Your Sex Drive, Just Stop Doing This…

Communication, compromise, mutual respect… all building blocks of a healthy relationship.

But what about sex?

A Sweet Way to Lower Your AFib Risk

I love chocolate.

In fact, it’s one of my favorite health foods.

The Easiest Way I Know to Protect Yourself When the Bear Comes

Dr. Sue isn’t stupid…

She’s a rare – almost unheard of – triple-boarded physician. And she trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

The No. 1 Question Most Investors Forget to Ask

When my friend Seth asked me to invest in his new wine store, the decision was easy…

He’d already answered the most important question you must ask before making an investment…