You’re Wasting Your Time Trying to Call the Top

U.S. stocks are booming. They’ve been outperforming all other markets.

They’re also getting expensive…

Answering Your Health Questions

You’ve flooded our inbox with health questions this week… from acid ingestion to meditation.

So today, we’re sending a special “all health” edition of our weekly Q&A to answer some of your questions.

Five Tips for Your Next Minor Home Disaster

Doc’s note: Today we’re featuring another issue from my researcher, Amanda Cuocci. This time, she’s sharing a story about a minor home disaster and how you can prepare for the worst.


You’re No Warren Buffett

Stop kidding yourself. You can’t invest like Warren Buffett.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read classic tomes like Buffett’s recommended Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd… studied every Berkshire Hathaway annual report… or even made the trek to Omaha, Nebraska for Berkshire’s shareholder meeting.

Four Pill-Free Ways to Beat Heartburn

It’s an uncomfortable feeling… You get a burning sensation right behind your breastbone. It hurts to bend over. You’re coughing, your stomach feels off, and you can’t sleep.

You’ve got severe heartburn.

A New Type of Crime Will Cause This Industry to Soar

Doc’s note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from tech guru Jeff Brown, editor of The Near Future Report. Jeff explains why a new type of crime is setting one industry up for huge growth in the coming years…

In recent years, political protests turned violent have plastered the nightly news.

This Topic Scares Most of Our Readers

Our desks are an absolute mess.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a cluttered desk. And my researcher is no different. Take a look at her reading pile:

Four Ways to Beat Financial-Planning Stress

Forget fear… Stress is the real hurdle for retirement savings.

According to a new survey run by Schwab Retirement Plan Services, everyday financial stress keeps folks from contributing to retirement plans.

The World’s ‘Sanest’ Dictator

Last Thursday, North Korea fired a missile over Japan. Three days later, its leaders claimed it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb.

The media went into full-panic mode with headlines like:

Try These Six Ways to Soothe Your Eyes and Save Your Vision

You’re wasting your time and hurting your eyes…

The average American works about 38.6 hours each week.