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They’re Catching on to Us

The world is catching on… In 2011, I first warned readers of the dangers of triclosan – a chemical commonly found in antibacterial soaps. Studies showed that not only was triclosan useless, it causes developmental and reproduction problems. Triclosan also reduces muscular strength and cardiac function of heart tissue… increasing the risk of heart failure. Last fall, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finally ordered manufacturers to stop including triclosan in over-the-counter “wash products,” namely hand soap. However, triclosan appears in more…

To Survive a Market Mania, Prepare, Don’t Predict

Doc’s Note: In Aesop’s fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, it was the Hare’s overconfidence that lost him the race… In today’s markets, people are confident – albeit a bit jumpy. They’re buying and selling entire sectors when just one stock reports average earnings… Which means it’s probably time to consult with my favorite “tortoise investor”… colleague and editor of Extreme Value, Dan Ferris. Why? Because he studies the markets, he lives and breathes stocks like a hermit, a turtle… in…

Building Wealth

The Biggest Lie: ‘It Takes Money to Make Money’

Doc’s note: One of the most common reasons people give to explain why they don’t invest is that they can’t afford it. But in today’s issue my friend and colleague Steve Sjuggerud debunks one of the biggest myths about making money… that you need money to make money. *** “Congrats, Steve, you just made $100,000 today,” the lawyer said. I [Steve] had just bought a property… cheap. The lawyer figured I could sell it for a six-figure profit right away. A friend…

Spending Wisely

Four Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Hurting Your Wallet

Vacation travel, eating out, visiting friends and family, baseball games… Summer is the prime time for some of my favorite activities, but it can also hit your wallet hard. Last year, Americans upped their summer-vacation spending by more than 10% – from $1,621 to $1,798… even though fewer folks got away for an actual vacation. So my team has assembled some of our best tips for stretching your dollar this summer, whether you travel or stay home… 1. Don’t overpay for your flights

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Preparing for the Oil Price Boom

On Wednesday night, we held a special presentation: “Oil $500: How to Make a Fortune From the Biggest Event in the Oil Business in 50 Years.” Porter Stansberry sat down with our new analyst, Flavious Smith, recently the chief oil and gas officer and executive vice president at Forestar (FOR)… growing the value of his division from $30 million to $312 million in seven years. They talked about… Whether oil prices have hit a bottom… Why they think oil could go to $500… One of…

Retirement hacks to dramatically improve your life.

Living Well

The Key to Weight Loss Isn’t in a Pill

“Could you shed some light on weight-loss claims?” That’s the e-mail we got last week from reader C.W. And he’s not alone… One of our most requested topics is our opinion on weight-loss supplements. So I’m just going to say this once and for all… Weight-loss pills are a costly – and potentially fatal – scam. The truth is, there’s no miracle pill that’ll help you shed fat safely… We’ve railed against weight-loss fads before. For example, green tea “diet” supplements are extremely dangerous. Hospitals report…


Propelling Humanity out of the Gutter

Doc’s Note: Today, I’m sharing an essay from famed political satirist P.J. O’Rourke. This essay is part of a series of essays recently published in the Stansberry Digest. In it, P.J. details his experience at this year’s Space Symposium. He discusses the challenges facing space-related endeavors, the future of space exploration, and who’s part of today’s space race. *** I (P.J. O’Rourke) just came back from the Earth’s largest gathering of international businesses, industries, governmental agencies, scientific institutions, and other…