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Why Haven’t You Answered My Question?

I love to teach… My family, friends, and colleagues all know that I love helping them find the answers to their questions. From what to do with a 401(k) during a job transition… to relieving eye strain when working at a computer all day… to the best type of wine to drink with an after-dinner cheese plate. (I recently recommended a 2010 Sauternes for a colleague celebrating a wedding anniversary.) Our weekly Q&As in Retirement Millionaire Daily give me a chance to interact…

Two Drugs I Recommend This Season

I’m considered a drug dealer in my office. Don’t worry, I don’t peddle narcotics or prescription drugs. But my desk resembles a small pharmacy… It’s full of bottles and bags of various pills. Vitamin C tablets, zinc, aspirin – you name it and it’s probably there. That’s because around this time of year, more and more of my colleagues show up to work sneezing, coughing, or worse. Fall and winter are prime seasons for colds and flu. In fact, some research demonstrates that…

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How to Reduce Your Risk in an ‘Aftershock’ Crash

Doc’s note: My colleague Jeff Clark is one of the best traders I know. Jeff regularly shows his readers how to reduce risk while generating steady income… even if the market has a huge move. For example, Jeff made an incredible 10 times his money the Friday afternoon before Black Monday in ’87. And back during the volatility of 2008, he logged more than 10 different 100% gains… and helped a lot of Stansberry readers make a fortune. (In fact, Jeff…

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Two Cost Cutters to Save on Prescription Drugs

Prescription-drug prices in the U.S. are skyrocketing… In just the past year alone, prices on drugs are up nearly 10% on average. But some are even worse. Last month, one of my assistants found that the cost of one prescription more than doubled in price from the previous month. I’m sure many of you heard about the dramatic increase in the cost of the anti-malaria drug Daraprim – from $13.50 per pill last year to $750 per pill today. If you need prescription medications…

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Are Food Prices Really Falling?

“Where are you shopping?” That was the No. 1 question we got in response to our article on food-price deflation. (And some folks expressed their disbelief in far harsher words…) In our article, we looked at food prices across the entire U.S., not prices specific to regions or states. And, as we detailed, food prices in the U.S. are falling. But prices can vary from state to state, town to town, and store to store

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Did You Follow Our Advice and Toss These Killer Pills?

I’ve warned you for years… Brand new research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association this month backs up our advice… Calcium supplements are dangerous. If you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a while, you’ve undoubtedly read my warnings. Calcium supplements are ineffective at best and deadly at the worst. Researchers performed a heart test that measured something called “coronary artery calcium” levels. Increased levels of coronary calcium indicate heart disease and a higher risk for heart attacks and strokes. That’s because…


Five Savings Secrets for Your Holiday Travel

It’s not even Halloween, yet you can already find Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations on store shelves. And while you might not be ready to think about the 2016 holiday season, you should if you’re planning to travel. Whether you’re driving or flying, we’ve got tips to save you money and hassle this year… 1. Pay less at the pump. Over the summer, my family and I vacationed in Raleigh, North Carolina. On our way to the airport…